【魂断蓝桥经典台词一】 Myra Lester: I loved you, Ive never loved anyone else. I never shall, thats the truth Roy, I never shall. 玛拉·莱斯特:我爱过你,就再也没有爱过别人。我永远也不,那是千真万确的,罗伊,永远也不会爱上其他人。 Myra Lester: I may never see him again. 玛拉·莱斯特:我也许再也不会见到他。 Myra Lester: Every parting from you is like a little eternity. 玛拉·莱斯特:每一次和你分别都有些像是永别。 Roy Cronin: Myra, what do you think were going to do tonight? 罗伊·克罗宁:玛拉,你觉得我们今晚去干吗好呢? Myra Lester: Well, I, I … 玛拉·莱斯特:好吧,我,我… Roy Cronin: Oh, you wont have time for that. 罗伊·克罗宁:哦,你已经没有时间了。 Myra Lester: For what? 玛拉·莱斯特:怎么? Roy Cronin: For hesitating! No more hesitating for you! 罗伊·克罗宁:犹豫啊!没有时间等你犹豫了! Myra Lester: No? 玛拉·莱斯特:不是? Roy Cronin: No! 罗伊·克罗宁:不! Myra Lester: Well, what am I going to do instead? 玛拉·莱斯特:好吧,那么我去干吗呢? Roy Cronin: Youre going to get married. 罗伊·克罗宁:你将要去结婚。 Roy Cronin: The ballet was beautiful. 罗伊·克罗宁:今晚的芭蕾舞美极了。 Myra Lester: Madame didnt think so. 玛拉·莱斯特:夫人可从来不这么想。 Roy Cronin: Well, experts never know - it takes outsiders to know, and I tell you, it was beautiful. 罗伊·克罗宁:那么,专业人士从来就不懂的--只有门外汉才懂,让我来告诉你,它就是美极了。 Myra Lester: That certainly proves youre an outsider. 玛拉·莱斯特:那这就证明你完全是一个门外汉。   【魂断蓝桥经典台词二】 (烛光俱乐部) 洛依:你们舞蹈演员吃什么? What do dancers eat? 玛拉:哦,舞蹈演员吃-有营养的、脂肪少的 Oh,,dull things mostly.Nutritious yet not fatting. 洛依:啊,今晚例外。你这有什么特别的菜吗? Oh,no,not tonight.(To waiter)What could you suggest that would be particularly rich and indigestible. 侍者:龙虾不错,先生! The crepes,is very nice sir. 玛拉:嗯 En. 侍者:还有酒 And wine. 洛依:稍微喝点淡酒不违犯你们舞蹈演员的规矩吧? It isn't against the rules for a dancer t drink a little wine,is it? 玛拉:哦,今晚上 Well, tonight…… 洛依:喝4盎 Good,Number Forty please. 侍者:40块,先生 Number Forty. 洛依:你的舞跳得很美 The ballet was beautiful. 玛拉:我看不见得 Madame dindn't think so. 洛依:啊,内行不懂,只有外行懂,我给你说跳得很美 Well,experts never know,It takes outsidersto know,and I tell you it was beautiful. 玛拉:这说明你确实是外行 Taht certainly proves you'er an outsider. 洛伊:很高兴再见到我吗? Roy: Are you glad to see me again? 玛拉:是的。 Myra: Yes. 洛伊:我感到你有保留。 Roy: I sense a reservation. 玛拉:我想是有的。 Myra: Well, I suppose there is one. 洛伊:那是什么?为什么? Roy: What? Why? 玛拉:有什么好处呢? Myra: What's the good of it? 洛伊:你是个奇怪的女孩,是不是?有什么好?对生活什么是好的? Roy: You're a strange girl, aren't you? What's the good of anything? What's the good of living? 玛拉:这也是个问题。 Myra: That's a question too. 洛伊:不,等一下。我不会让你那么想。生活中美好的事就是会发生这种事情。在空袭的阴影下我遇见了你,这比和平时代到处闲逛,视生命为理所当然要好得多,觉得更充实。我仍不明白。 Roy: Oh, now wait a minute. I'm not going to let you get away with that. The wonderful things about living is that, this sort of thing can happen. In the shadow of a death raid, I can meet you and feel more intensely alive than walking around in peacetime and taking my life for granted. I still don't get it, not quite. 玛拉:什么? Myra: What? 洛伊:你的脸真年轻,真美。 Roy: Your face. It's all youth, all beauty 玛拉:你仍不明白什么。 Myra: What is it you still don't get? 洛伊:今天下午我离开你时,我记不起你的长相,这辈子也不会记得。我想,她美吗?她丑吗?她长得什么样?我不记得。甚至非得到剧院去看你的长相。 Roy: You know, when I left you this afternoon, I couldn't remember what you looked like, not for the life for me. I thought, was she pretty? Was she ugly? What was she like? I couldn't remember. I simply had to get to that theater tonight to see what she looked like. 玛拉:你觉得现在记住了吗? Myra: Do you think you will remember me now? 洛伊:我想是的。一辈子记住。 Roy: I think so, I think so, for the rest of my life. 玛拉:你到底有什么不明白的呢? Myra: But what is it about me you still don't get? 男人:各位,现在是今晚的最后一曲。希望你们享受这个告别的华尔兹。 Man: Ladies and gentlemen, we now come to the last dance of the evening. I hope you enjoy the farewell waltz. 洛伊:待会儿告诉你,我们跳舞吧。 Roy: I'll tell you later. Let's dance now. 玛拉:这些烛光是什么意思? Myra: What does it mean, these candles? 洛伊:你会明白的。 Roy: You'll find out.   【魂断蓝桥经典台词三】 吗拉和凯娣在屋子里面。 Myra:I shall have to get this catch mended. Kitty:Well I've been telling you. Myra:It brole open twice yesterday.Oh, Kitt,what time is it? Kitty:It's ,eh ,almost 11. Myra:Mmm, oh. (敲门声,夫人进来了) myra and Kitty:Good morning Madame. Madame:Good morning.I came to congratulate you,Myra. Myra:On what,Madame? Madame: on being up.Considering that you didn't go to bed until 4,It's remarkeable.I have a feeling your performance tonight will give the effect of sleepingwalking. Kitty:It 's the first time Myra's benn out,Madame. Madame:When I made you send the note back to the military gentleman last night,It was you I was trying to protect.I'm fond of the girls who work for me.I don't want them to be camp-followers. Myra:YOu don't know him or you wouldn't say that. Kitty: Can't we have any private lives at all? Madame:Not when hurt your public life at the theater.I am happy that he didn't stay here a week,otherwise he would have ruined six performances instead of one.If such a thing should happen again with you,or with any of the others,It means inatant dismissal.I will see you at the sheater tonight.If it's not too much trouble. (夫人关上门,走了) Myra:Oh, why is she so cruel and hateful…… Kitty:Ah,the cold broomstick,she talks to us alllike that.Never mind. Myra:She spoil everything. Kitty:Oh, rubbish,You're upset and tired.Why don't you go back to bed?There's no rehearsal today. Myra:No,I'm not tired.Horrible morning for the chanel crossing.I suppose he's gone now. Kitty:YE suppose so. (窗外下着大雨) Myra:Kitty,Kitty look!He's here! Kitty:Good Heavens!He's deserted! Myra:Kitty he's here.He hasn't gone,he's here! Kitty:He'll be court-martialed for this…… Myra:Oh,I've got to go.I've got to go! Kitty:Oh,you can't now. Myra:Oh,Kitty,you see him,too,don't you? Kitty:Well,if that's his ghost,don't bring him up.Oh,get away from that window,you stupid thing he'll see you for heaven's sake. Mayra:Where's my hat? Oh,Kitty,what if I……What if he ……Do you suppose……?Oh,dear,oh,Kitty,what do you think……Oh,Gos.Kitty,there.Do I look all right? Kitty:Yes, you look all right.I think you'd better with a dress on. Myra:Oh,yes. Kitty:Come on,Now.Myra,Stop it! Myra:I don't know what I'm doing.Oh,dear.These stupid buttons.Kitty,I just want to……Oh,Kitty,he came back.I was beginning to think……But he didn't.He came back.Oh!Is he stiil there?(Runs to the Window)He is ,he is. Kitty:Wait a minute.I'll get your maciontosh.YOu umbrella's in the corner,there.Here ,put this on.Now,got to go first.YOyu don't want to run into Madam on the way down.Wait a minute.All clear.And please tell him no more visits,I can't stand the excitement. (一路平安的音乐声响起)   【魂断蓝桥经典台词四】 (雨中在玛拉宿舍的院子里―――车子上) 玛拉:你好 Myra:Hello. 洛依:你好 Roy:Helleo. 玛拉:你来看我太好了 Myra:Nice of you to come to and see me. 洛依:别这么说 Roy:Not at all. 玛拉:你你没走? Myra:You didn't go? 洛依:海峡有水雷放假四十八小时 Roy:Couldn't.Mine's in the channel,Forty-eight hours leave. 玛拉:这真太好了 Myra:Isn't that wonderful. 洛依:是的,有整整两天。你知道我一夜都在想你,睡也睡不着 Roy:Yes.Two whole days.YOu know,Ithought about you all last night,couldn't sleep a wink. 玛拉:你终于学会了记住我了 Myra:You managed to remember meat last then. 洛依:呵呵,是是啊,刚刚学会。玛拉,今天我们干什么 Roy:Yes,barely managed.Myra,What do you think we're going todo today? 玛拉:因为我-我我 Myra:Well,I…… 洛依:现在由不得你这样了 Roy:No you won't have time for that. 玛拉:这样? Myra:For what? 洛依:这样犹豫,你不能再犹豫了 Roy:For hesitating.No more hestitating to you. 玛拉:不能? Myra:NO? 洛依:不能 Roy:No. 玛拉:那我们应该怎样呢? Myra:Well,what am I going to do instead? Roy:洛依:去跟我结婚 Going to get married. 玛拉:哦,洛依,你疯了吧 Myra:Roy, you must be mad. 洛依:疯狂是美好的感觉 Roy:I know ,a marvelous setation. 玛拉:我不要你这样 Myra:Roy, to be sensible. 洛依:我才不呢 Roy:Not me. 玛拉:可你还不了解我 Myra:But you don't know me. 洛依:会了解的,用我一生来了解 Roy:Then I will discover.Spend the rest of my life doing it. 玛拉:洛依,你现在在打仗,因为你快要离开这了,因为你觉得必须在两天内度过你整个的一生 Oh, Roy,this is wartime,it's beacause you're leaving so soon,beacause you feel you mustspend the whole of your life in forty-eight hours. 洛依:我们去结婚吧,除了你,别的人我都不要 Roy:We're going to be marriedIt's you,It'll never be anyone else. 玛拉:你怎么可以这样肯定 Myra:But how can you tell that? 洛依:别再支支吾吾了,别再问了,别再犹豫了,就这样定了,知道吗?这样肯定了,知道吗?这样决定了,知道吗?去跟我结婚吧,知道吗? Roy:Now listen,darling.None of your quibbling.None of your questioning.None of your douts.This positive,you see?This is affirmative,you see?This is final,you see? You are going to marry me, you see? 玛拉:是,亲爱的! Myra:I see. 怎么回事,亲爱的,我们去哪? Roy:What's the matter darling?Where are we going? 洛依:去宣布定婚! 回兵营去。 啊,玛拉,你听我说,目前我们会陷于什么样的麻烦? To announce our engagement.(to driver)To the barracks,around the square.Now Myra,I want to give you a copletepicture of what I'm going to let you in for. 玛拉:好的 Myra:All right. 洛依:我要你知道某些情况,首先我亲爱的年轻小姐,我是兰德歇步兵团的上蔚,挺唬人吧? Roy:I have to acquaint you with certain facts.In the first place my dear young lady,I am a captain in the rental ship Usaleus.Are you impressed? 玛拉:挺唬人 Myra:Very much. 洛依:一个兰德歇步兵团的上蔚是不能草率结婚的,要得备很多手续和仪式 Roy:A captain in the rental ship Usaleus cannot marry caually.It requirs immense prepartion formality, eti quette. 玛拉:我知道 Myra:I see it does. 洛依:这有点繁文缛节 Roy:It's an elaborate ritual. 玛拉:是吗? Myra:Is it? 洛依:嗯,比如一个兰德歇步兵团的上蔚要结婚必须得到他的上校的同意 Roy:Um-hmm,For example,a captain ih the rental ship Usaletus has before he marries to get the consent of his colonel. 玛拉:这很困难吗? Is that difficult? 洛依:啊,也许困难也许不 Roy:Well it might or it might not be. 玛拉:我看不那么容易 Myra:I fell it is going to be difficult. 洛依:啊,那得看怎么肯求了,看肯求的魅力,看他的热情和口才。玛拉,看着我 Roy:A great deal depends upon the petitioner on the charm of the petitioner, on his ardor, on his eloquence. Myra,look at me. 玛拉:是,上蔚 Myra:Yes captain? 洛依:怎么?你怀疑吗? Roy:Can you dout the outcome? 玛拉:你太自信了,上尉!你简直疯狂了,上尉!你又莽撞又固执又――。我爱你!上尉 Myra:You are very conceited,captain.YOu are quite mad,captain.You are are rekless and headstrong an …… and I ador you, captain.